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The future operating environment will be complex and dynamic with a variety of challenges that span the ROMO. With the MAGTFTP, Training and Education Command (TECOM) has developed the next generation of service-level training, optimized to meet the challenge. The MAGTFTP provides a framework both for training units for deployment and for preparing a MAGTF for operations in complex, joint, and multinational environments. Joint enablers are a key to the program’s success and are woven through all levels of training. The MAGTFTP also establishes, defines and integrates the requirements for training programs and resources that facilitate the development of warfighting capabilities.

Battle Staff Training Program (BSTP)

The BSTP provides training to battle staffs throughout the MAGTF, from battalion/squadron to MEF level. The BSTP integrates individual and collective training, provided by multiple TECOM organizations, into a single training continuum, beginning with individual operator training on command and control systems and culminating with a command post exercise that engages the entire staff. The BSTP provides commanders with a detailed understanding of the full staff training continuum and has proven to be an invaluable resource.

Integrated Training Exercise (ITX)

The ITX is the Marine Corps’ premier MAGTFlevel combined arms, live fire and maneuver service level training event. ITX provides a venue to train the technical aspects of tactical integration associated with MAGTF operations, focused on horizontal and vertical integration of all the MAGTF elements. Each ITX is resourced to support an exercise force of more than 3,400 Marines and Sailors, organized as an infantry regiment headquarters in the MAGTF command element role; a ground combat element with two task-organized maneuver battalions; an aviation combat element with four squadrons and limited headquarters/aviation enablers; and a logistics combat element with combat service support. ITXs are conducted at Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center (MCAGCC) Twentynine Palms, California.

Mountain Exercise (MTX)

The MTX is a service level training event that focuses on missions in a complex environment, specifically addressing the technical aspects of mountain and cold weather operations. By incorporating regional, joint and service-level training, MTX provides for the tactical integration of a MAGTF. The exercise force consists of a ground combat element with one task organized maneuver battalion; a limited capability aviation combat element; and a logistics combat element with one combat logistics detachment. MTX is conducted at Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center in Bridgeport, CA.

Talon Exercise (TALONEX)

The TALONEX is a combined arms, live fire exercise conducted in conjunction with the semiannual Weapons and Tactics Instructor (WTI) Course at Marine Corps Air Station Yuma, Arizona. The TALONEX enables the exercise force to train in selected core and/or core plus mission essential tasks. Training focuses on company-level and below operations with two battalion-level training events near the end of the exercise.

The WTI course is a seven week long program, hosted by Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One at Yuma, AZ. The course incorporates Marine Corps planning and the implementation of advanced air and ground tactics though a series of escalating evolutions in order to produce certified WTIs. The integration of TALONEX and the WTI Course facilitates training across multiple MAGTF functions.

Large-Scale Exercise (LSE)

The LSE is the largest of all service level training events, designed to enable live/virtual/constructive training for a MEF headquarters, a MEF Forward headquarters, or a Marine Expeditionary Brigade (MEB) headquarters and subordinate units. The exercise force consist of live maneuver elements integrated with virtual and constructive entities providing representation from all elements across the MAGTF. The exercise force may include joint, interagency and multinational elements as well. The LSE provides a venue for MAGTF integration training but has the flexibility to facilitate an array of capabilities and training objectives across the ROMO. Service-sponsored LSEs are conducted primarily at Twentynine Palms and other southwestern U. S. training venues in conjunction with an ITX, and they may be linked to other exercises around the country.







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