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The USMC-Operator Driver Simulator (ODS) system provides realistic training that simulates the visual, aural/audio and haptic cues for the driver of a tactical vehicle. The USMC ODS reproduces the behavior of a vehicle in motion under varied road surfaces, passenger and cargo configurations, weather conditions, and stages of daytime and night time illumination. The USMC-ODS emulates realistic restrictions to the driver’s field of view along with vehicle dynamics software that accounts for changes in weight and center of gravity. The USMC ODS also models the effects of wind, temperature, precipitation, traction, tire pressure, and road surface on the handling characteristics of the vehicle. The system can simulate driving conditions in most foreign areas of operations and conditions can be varied from flat open terrain to the treacherous off road mountain passes that have been encountered in Afghanistan.

Operational Impact

The ODS training systems provides a realistic sense of driving with environmental and mechanical effects that may be encountered by the driver during actual driving conditions. This prepares the trainee with a level of experience and confidence during normal and emergency operations prior to driving actual live vehicles. Additionally, the ODS training system shall provide trainees realistic displays controls and responsiveness relative to each vehicle variant trained. This allows for training that is not available at the trainees home station such as weather, terrain and international laws.

Program Status

FOC was achieved in July 2010

Procurement Profile:

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|FAAC Incorporated, 1229 Oak Valley Drive,
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