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HEAT training is one of the final steps in an overall Vehicle Safety Training program and is a mandated requirement for all Marines prior to deployment in theater. The HEAT trainer simulates the conditions of a vehicle roll over and provides each member of the HMMWV crew “rehearsal” of how to respond with immediate action. The total vehicle-training program incorporates academic training in risk management, drivers training, rules of the road for the particular country or theater of operations, and hands on training with specific equipment in which the crew will operate.

Operational Impact

The Commandant of the Marine Corps has directed the procurement of the HEAT for both Continental United States and overseas training in order to provide simulation training for Marines and Sailors on the procedures to egress a vehicle after rollover, how to recognize the vehicle conditions indicative of a pending roll-over, and to reinforce the importance of properly wearing the safety restraint. Through repetitive training in a HEAT simulator, the US Army has estimated that soldiers have increased their chances of survivability from a roll-over situation by 250 percent, developed better skills in avoiding dynamic vehicle rollovers and reduced their emergency reaction egress time from 60 seconds to out of the vehicle and ready to engage the enemy in six seconds. The HEAT system training is a mandated requirement for all Marines prior to deployment to Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom. In September 2007, US Marine Forces Central Command mandated roll-over training as pre-deployment requirement, which was documented in HEAT Marine Corps Combat Development Command Statement of Need December 2007.

Program Status

HEAT was accepted in POM 10 but not funded until FY 2012. As of FY 2010, 13 have been fielded Camp Pendleton, CA; Camp Lejeune, NC; 29 Palms, CA; Camp Hansen, JPN; Kaneohe Bay, HI; New River, NC; Cherry Point, NC; Beaufort, SC; Yuma, AZ; and Miramar, CA; with another five are to be fielded in FY 2010 to include fielding are Iwakuni, Japan, and Quantico, VA.

Fielded Profile: FY 2017

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