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LVC-TE is the Marine Corps strategic training initiative aimed at ensuring our warfighters continue to get the best training possible in the face of an increasingly complex and challenging future battlespace.

The LVC-TE program will provide an enterprise wide capability for the Marine Corps Synthetic Training Environment (MCSTE). As a System of Systems (SoS) LVC-TE will provide the integrating architecture, common correlated authoritative data, standards and protocols, exercise design and control as well as the governance needed for existing and future training systems to seamlessly integrate and interoperate across the live virtual and constructive simulation domains.

The resulting shared synthetic training environment will provide a distributed collective training capability for individuals, units and staffs to get their training “reps and sets”. The LVC-TE capability will enable Marines to train for Mission Essential Tasks (METs) through Training and Readiness (T&R) events to increase combat readiness while at their home station, at Service-Level training venues, and while deployed.

Operational Impact

LVC-TE is envisioned as a transformational capability that will integrate diverse training programs to meet individual and collective/unit warfighting requirements as postulated in the Marine Requirements Oversight Council approved Live, Virtual, and Constructive Training Environment Initial Capabilities Document (30 July 2010). It will support standards-based training through provisioning training capabilities at home station, while deployed, as well as enabling distributed large scale exercises within the Marine Corps and with sister service, joint, interagency, and coalition partners.

Program Status

The Marine Corps is initiating a new Program of Record (PoR) for LVC-TE. The first major acquisition milestone was achieved with the approval of the Materiel Development Decision (MDD) on 1 December 2017. The best course of action (COA) for acquiring the LVC-TE will be determined through a formal Analysis of Alternatives (AoA). The next major milestone will be the AoA Decision Brief scheduled for 1st QTR FY19

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