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The Deployable Virtual Training Environment (DVTE) is a laptop PC based simulation system capable of emulating organic and supporting Infantry Battalion weapons systems and training scenarios to facilitate Training and Readiness (T&R) based training. Its portable configuration allows Marines to train in areas where there are few options for training; garrison, aboard ship, at remote reserve locations, and deployed. DVTE training includes language and culture training, platoon and squad level tactics, employment of supporting arms, and various Recognition of Combatants (ROC) packages. DVTE is part of a Commander’s “training toolkit” contributing to the building block approach to standards based training focusing on achieving an improved level of combat readiness.

DVTE software applications are divided two groups, the Combined Arms Network (CAN) and the Infantry Too Kit (ITK). The simulation programs range from individual skill sustainment to battalion level operation. The CAN uses GenSim software to provide combined arms training for forward observers, forward air controllers, fire support team leaders and various weapon systems (AAV, 1MA1 Tank, LAV, MVTR, AH-1, AV-8B). When connected to the JSAF, a constructive mission building platform, it can support combined arms missions up to the battalion level. In addition DVTE can interface Marine Corps green gear (AFATDS & Strike Link) in order to facilitate training for a variety of fire support missions. The ITK is geared toward individual and small unit training and consists of a number of stand-alone applications. Combined arms, enduring combat actions, first aid/Casualty Evacuation (CASEVAC), fixed site security, Improvised Explosive Device (IED) defeat, motorized operations, and military operations in urban terrain (MOUT) are among the Marine Corps Common Skills addressed by the various DVTE training games and simulations.

One of the software components of the ITK is Virtual Battle Space (VBS), in which groups of students can interact to complete mission scenarios in a first-person shooter format. Instructors can create scenarios to meet unique mission objectives and make real-time modifications to the scenario environment as students complete the mission. Instructors have the ability to control all scenario environment features to include terrain, the position and presence of structures and obstacles, the presence and behavior of constructive entities, weather, vehicles, and weapon capabilities. VBS also has a playback capability that supports student debriefs after scenario completion.

Operational Impact

DVTE trains and reinforces MAGTF/combined arms coordination warfighting skills maintaining individual and unit readiness during periods of training while deployed or embarked. DVTE employs high fidelity terrain databases and realistic training scenarios to meet the main purpose of providing the primary achievement of DVTE; to facilitate T&R standards based training by providing training opportunities to small units up to the Battalion staff level. DVTE is employed as a training readiness tool by commanders to assist in evaluating individual and unit proficiency. In effect, DVTE is part of a commander’s training “toolkit” and should be maximized, where and when appropriate to augment their training program. DVTE assists in maintaining their unit’s proficiency and currency through continual application and remediation of individual and collective combat skills.

Program Status

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FY 2018 / QTY 2,536
FY 2019 / QTY 2,536


Naval Air Warfare Center – Training Systems Division (NAWC-TSD)
Orlando, FL

Bohemia Interactive Simulations, Inc.,
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