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The CVTS provides full-fidelity, computer-based training systems for the M1A1 main battle tank, the Light Armored Vehicle (LAV) 25, and the Amphibious Assault Vehicle (AAV) vehicles. It provides full crew training without the need for fuel, ammunition, training areas and ranges. Training systems can be linked together allowing for section and platoon level training.

The CVTS devices train Marines in operational skills, target acquisition, identification, and engagement. Sighting equipment allows training against mobile and stationary threats and against single and multiple targets in realistic battlefield environments during day, night, and reduced visibility conditions.

Operational Impact

The AGTS and AAV-TT provide the ability to train M1A1, LAV-25, and AAV crewmembers to approved standards of combat skills and readiness. The end state systems are institutional, deployable, and tabletop (M1A1/LAV-25) systems supporting individual, collective (crew, section, and platoon), combined arms, and joint training scenarios. Additionally, the T&R training (NAVMC 3500.121 Ch.2 [Tank Training and Readiness Manual] and NAVMC 3500.16A Ch.3 [LAR Training and Readiness Manual]) mandates that Marines must successfully complete gunnery tables on the training systems as part of Gate-to-Live-Fire (GTLF) exercises.

Program Status

The CVTS program is fully fielded and in the Operations and Sustainment Phase of Acquisitions.

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Lockheed Martin, Orlando, FL


Wegmann USA, Sanford, FL


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