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MARCORLOGCOM is headquartered in Albany, Georgia. It is the Marine Corps’ operational-level logistics provider and principal means by which the Corps generates combat power organically through strategic prepositioning, inventory sourcing and management, and depot repair. MARCORLOGCOM provides services that maximize unit readiness in garrison and in forward deployed locations; synchronize distribution processes; and support our Corps’ enterprise and program level total lifecycle management. Competencies: Depot Level Maintenance, Prepositioning and War Reserve, Ground Equipment Inventory Management, Distribution and Storage, Weapon System Lifecycle Support, and Operation-Level Logistics.


• Focuses on the Marine Operating Forces – at home, abroad, and deployed
• Global and persistent presence where Marines need us
• Forward deployed for over a decade executing operational level logistics tasks
• Leverages Core Competencies to provide Operational Logistics solutions to the Expeditionary Force
• Blount Island Command and Marine Depot Maintenance Command support USMC Global Reach

MARCORLOGCOM exercises command and control over assigned programs, resources and personnel that are arrayed globally. The MARCORLOGCOM structure supports the execution of its core competencies through subordinate commands, externally facing staff centers within the headquarters, and through the following liaison capabilities: Marine Expeditionary Force (MEF) Support Teams (MSTs) co-located with each MEF and the Marine Forces Reserve Headquarters; and, liaison officers located in the National Capital Region, Marine Corps Systems Command (MARCORSYSCOM); and the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).


BICmd, located in Jacksonville, Florida, ensures that ground equipment and supplies associated with our afloat and ashore prepositioning programs are at the highest state of readiness. BICmd maintains our Corps’ Maritime Pre-Positioning equipment and supplies over consecutive three-year periods by rotating ships through their CONUS facility. BICmd also maintains our prepositioned equipment in Europe, and in the MEU Augmentation program (MAP) that supports CENTCOM requirements.


The Marine Corps has a single organic depot, MDMC, which recapitalizes USMC equipment via two Production Plants in Albany, Georgia and Barstow, California. The production plants possess more than 70 trade skills and support more than 400 active production lines that repair over 15,000 pieces of equipment annually. Depot capabilities are scalable and can rapidly build workforce strength by increasing term, temporary, and contract employees to meet surge workload demands. The wartime capability to support deployment, equipment sustainment and regeneration gives the production plants strategic significance. For over 60 years, MDMC has repaired and reconstituted Marine Corps’ ground combat equipment engaged in every major contingency to include the Korean War, Vietnam, Desert Shield/Desert Storm, Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom.


MARCORLOGCOM established MARCORLOGCOM (Fwd) to exercise command and control over all forward deployed MARCORLOGCOM programs, resources, and personnel. It supported operations during OEF and was deactivated at the conclusion of OEF. The command was primarily responsible for the retrograde of our equipment from Afghanistan by identifying, accounting for, and shipping equipment to its final destination. Despite its current inactive status, MARCORLOGCOM (FWD) can be re-activated if required.

Key MARCORLOGCOM (FWD) tasks include:

• Managing operational level logistics efforts designed to sustain the readiness of combat forces and allow them to focus on their tactical mission;
• Providing a forward-in-stores capability, which is an inventory of critical equipment that is used to immediately replace damaged or destroyed items;
• Managing the principal end item rotation program, an effort designed to maintain a steady flow of refurbished equipment throughout the theater;
• Coordinating the use of all available in-theater maintenance resources to keep equipment combat ready.

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