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The Commander MCICOM is the single authority for all installation matters. MCICOM consists of a headquarters and four subordinate commands: Marine Corps Installations Pacific, Marine Corps Installations West, Marine Corps Installations East, and Marine Corps Installations National Capital Region.

Marine Corps installations directly support Marine Corps Operating Forces, individual Marines, Sailors, and their family members. They are essential components in the foundation of national defense as they are the force projection platforms that enable readiness, training, sustainment, mobilization, deployment, embarkation, redeployment, and reconstitution. Additionally, installations provide forces to Combatant Commanders with niche capabilities such as community planning for Theater Security Cooperation; Operational Support Aircraft; and Explosive Ordnance Disposal and Military Working Dogs to support diplomatic security missions. Our installations face continued challenges regarding encroachment, environmental compliance, and constrained resources. During a period of fiscal austerity, MCICOM will seek more efficient and effective ways to provide high-quality installation support while meeting mandates to reduce energy and water consumption, mitigate environmental concerns, and improve the readiness of those supported.

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