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U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific (MARFORPAC) operates in the Nation’s largest and top priority theater. MARFORPAC’s purpose is to man, train, equip, and sustain ready MAGTFs for tasking by Commander, USPACOM (COMUSPACOM) and a Joint Force Commander (JFC). MARFORPAC advises COMUSPACOM on the proper current and future employment of Marine forces, advises the Commandant of the Marine Corps on force development, reflective of the needs of COMUSPACOM and unique characteristics of the Indo-Asia-Pacific region, and advises Commander, U.S. Pacific Fleet, on the proper current and future employment of Marine forces for service with the Fleet.

Commander, U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Pacific’s (COMMARFORPAC) headquarters are located aboard Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii, and is the largest field command in our Corps, having control of two-thirds of our operational forces. COMMARFORPAC commands and controls approximately 86,000 Marines, Sailors and civilians operating in a diverse geographic area stretching from Yuma, Arizona to Goa, India.

COMMARFORPAC supports national and theater strategic objectives and exercises our Corps’ component responsibilities in support of operational and concept plans, theater security cooperation, foreign humanitarian assistance (FHA), homeland defense, and force posture and lay down. These responsibilities include a planned rotational presence in Northwestern Australia, and protection of installations and forces in the PACOM Area of Operations (AOR).

MARFORPAC conducts more than 100 multi-lateral exercises and theater security cooperation engagements with some 30 allies and partners to improve regional expeditionary capabilities and interoperability in the Indo-Asia-Pacific region.

MARFORPAC exercises coordinating authority in a consultative relationship with Marine Corps Installations Command (MCICOM) through unity of effort for operational force base support requirements, Defense Policy Review Initiative (DPRI) requirements in Japan and Guam, USPACOM Unified Campaign Plan (UCP) and contingency planning requirements, and other installation support initiatives affecting our Corps in the PACOM AOR.

COMMARFORPAC, in consultation and accord with Commander, Marine Corps Installations Command (COMMCICOM), may assume OPCON of MCIPAC, MCIWEST, and their assigned installations during exceptional circumstances that require a response from the United States in the PACOM AOR, such as FHA or major combat operations. COMMARFORPAC exercises TACON of Marine Corps Installations Pacific (MCIPAC) and Marine Corps Installations West (MCIWEST), or both, when supporting USPACOM tasking and operational missions.



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