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Key COMMARFORCOM tasks include:

  • commanding AC “service retained” operating forces;
  • executing our Corps’ force provider/force sourcing and synchronization to effect force
  • generation actions across the AC/Reserve Component (RC) in provisioning of our joint capable forces;
  • directing deployment, planning, and execution of “service retained” operating forces in support of CCDR and service requirements;
  • serving as Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic (CG FMFLANT) and commanding our Corps’ embarked forces;
  • coordinating U.S. Marine Corps - U.S. Navy Integration of operational initiatives and advising Commander, U.S. Fleet Forces Command (USFFC) in support to our Corps’ forces assigned to naval ships, bases, and installations;
  • conducting service directed operational tasks as required.

Key MARFORCOM tasks include:


  • reviewing CCDR’s requirements to:

- determine our Corps’ capabilities that could source the need;

- analyze the capacity to sustain enduring requirements;

- assess associated costs as well as operational, service, and institutional risks to provide informed feedback to Service Headquarters and the JS;


  • integrating the activities of force provider commands;
  • supporting service providers to synchronize the generation;
  • provisioning Marine forces ready for tasking by employing force component commanders;
  • monitoring, assessing, reporting, and ensuring the readiness of our operating forces to support current operations, contingency plans, and emerging force requirements;
  • assisting in the development and refinement of Joint/Marine Corps readiness standards in collaboration with the Deputy Commandant, Plans, Policies, & Operations (DC PP&O) and DC, CD&I, MARFORs and other Marine Corps organizations;
  • serving as the designated Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) within our Corps for joint training and exercises;
  • supporting Service-retained operating force integration and developing/synchronizing joint force integration;
  • coordinating naval operating force actions and initiatives as the waterfront partner to USFFC to improve U.S. Navy - U.S. Marine Corps integration and revitalize naval amphibious capabilities;
  • undertaking efforts with USFFC to reinvigorate the amphibious traditions that make the U.S. Navy/
  • U.S. Marine Corps team an invaluable national asset;
  • ensuring training in naval core competencies so USFFC and MARFORCOM-provided naval forces are prepared to address an uncertain security environment.
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