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The mission of the Commander, Marine Forces Northern Command (MARFOR NORTHCOM), as the Marine Service component commander for Commander, United States Northern Command (USNORTHCOM), is to represent Marine capabilities and interests and exercise command and control over all assigned and attached Marine forces. Furthermore, Commander, MARFOR NORTHCOM advises Commander, USNORTHCOM on the proper employment and support of Marine forces. Commander, MARFOR NORTHCOM coordinates and/ or validates antiterrorism programs, force protection, deployments, employment, redeployment, sustainment, and planning of all assigned and attached Marine forces ordered to conduct homeland defense operations and provide defense support of civil authorities.

Marine Forces Northern Command consists of a staff with various divisions and sections necessary to function as the Marine Service component to USNORTHCOM. The Commander, MARFOR NORTHCOM also serves as the Commander, MARFORRES.

Marine Forces Northern Command maintains a headquarters in New Orleans, Louisiana, and affects all necessary staff actions required to accomplish assigned missions expanding its capabilities, as required. Headquarters, MARFOR NORTHCOM does not deploy; personnel will perform temporary duties, coordinating operations, training, administration, and logistics, as required.

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