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Tailored to meet CCDRs’ requirements, the MAGTFs operate as an integrated force in the physical domains of air, land, maritime, and space while also operating in the cyberspace domain of the information environment. The naval character of the MAGTFs enhances their global mobility, lethality, and staying power.


Embarked aboard amphibious ships or deployed using other means, multi-mission capable MAGTFs provide U.S. civilian and military leaders with the ability to conduct the following activities:


  • move forces into crisis areas without revealing their exact destinations or intentions;
  • provide continuous presence in international waters;
  • commence execution of a mission within 6 to 48 hours of receiving a warning order;
  • provide immediate national response in support of humanitarian and natural disaster relief operations;
  • provide credible and over-the-horizon crisis response capability;
  • support diplomatic processes for peaceful crisis resolution before employing immediate response combat forces;
  • respond to crises through the measured projection of combat power ashore — day or night;
  • introduce additional Marine forces sequentially into a theater of operations;
  • operate independent of established airfields, basing agreements, and overflight rights;
  • conduct combat operations ashore, by relying on MAGTF-organic combat service support;
  • conduct theater security cooperation (SC) to build partner capacity (BPC);
  • enable the introduction of follow on forces by securing staging areas ashore or bypassing littoral defenses by going further inland;
  • operate in rural and urban environments, and during chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear situations;
  • withdraw rapidly at the conclusion of operations;
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