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The MPF is a strategic power-projection capability that combines the lift capacity, flexibility, and responsiveness of surface ships with the speed of strategic airlift. The Maritime Prepositioning Ships (MPS) of the MPF are strategically forward deployed and provide Geographic Combatant Commanders (GCC) with persistent forward presence and rapid crisis response by prepositioning most of the combat equipment and supplies required to equip and sustain two MEBs for 30 days.


The MPF is organized into two Maritime Pre-positioning Ship Squadrons (MPSRON), with seven ships per Squadron (14 ships total). MPSRON-2 is based at Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and MPSRON-3 is based in Guam and Saipan in the Western Pacific Ocean.


MPSRONs are inter-operable and optimized to forward deploy Marine and Navy equipment and build combat power. This is accomplished by joining prepositioned equipment and supplies with Fly-in- Echelon (FIE) equipment and personnel to support the rapid closure of a MEB. The MPF consists of government-owned ships operated by Military Sealift Command (MSC). When needed, these ships move to a crisis region and offload either in port or offshore via in-stream offload. Offloaded equipment and supplies are aggregated with Marines arriving at nearby airfields or ports. The result is a combat-ready MAGTF rapidly established ashore, using minimal land-based facilities and infrastructure. The MAGTF combat capability provided by the MPF is capable of supporting GCC military operations across the Range of Military Operations (ROMO).



U.S. Marines with Combat Logistics Regiment 2 (CLR-2), 2nd Marine Logistics Group conducted a Maritime Prepositioned Force offload in preparation for Exercise African Lion 15 in the port of Agadir, Morocco, May 8, 2015. African Lion is a joint and combined exercise conducted in the Kingdom of Morocco enabling Royal Moroccan Armed Forces and multinational forces to strengthen relationships and military operability in the region. (U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Desiré M. Mora/Released)


AGADIR PORT, MOROCCO05.08.2015Photo by Cpl. Desire Mora U.S. Marine Corps Forces, Europe and Africa



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