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CD&I Concept Development Instruction 5401.1
This instruction promulgates the terminology, hierarchy, numbering convention, responsibilities, standards and authorities associated with concept development in order to promote unity of effort in accomplishing the mission of Combat Development & Integration.


A Cooperative Strategy For 21st Century Seapower

This maritime strategy describes how we will design, organize, and employ the Sea Services in support of our national, defense, and homeland security strategies. It also sets maritime priorities in an era of constrained resources, while emphasizing warfighting capabilities and forward naval presence to advance national interests today and guide preparations for tomorrow’s challenges. 


MCOC 1 Marine Corps Operating Concept

The MOC embraces our naval character, expeditionary mindset, and professional approach to constantly improve and build on our foundations of maneuver warfare and fighting as a combined arms force. The challenges of the future will impact how we organize our Corps and ultimately fight our Nation’s battles. The MOC describes the steps we will take to design, develop, and field a future force for the 21st century. The success of this concept depends on our Marines and Sailors. Our people have always been the Marine Corps center of gravity and the key to our success as warfighters. Their ability to think critically, innovate smartly, and adapt to complex environments and adaptive enemies has always been the key factor we rely on to win in any clime and place.


Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment
The purpose of this concept is to describe “naval operations in the littoral environment in light of emerging threats” in order to provide a unified framework for Navy-Marine Corps innovation.

Expeditionary Advanced Base Operations
Concept is currently in development.

Multi-Domain-Battle: Combined Arms for the 21st Century
Concept is currently in development.

Multi-Service Concept for USMC and USSOCOM Integration (link requires CAC card access)
The United States Marine Corps (USMC) and United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) Concept for Integration, Interdependence, and Interoperability provides a framework through which we seek to improve institutional and operational cooperation. It outlines near-term, actionable items to focus our respective organizational efforts on identifying obstacles to closer cooperation and exploring innovative, capability-oriented solutions to these challenges.


MCFC 5-1 Command and Control
The Marine Corps Concept for Command and Control complements the Marine Corps’ capstone concept Expeditionary Force 21 Forward and Ready: Now and in the Future and subordinate operating concepts.

MCFC 5-5 MAGTF Information Environment Operations Concept of Employment
Information Environment Operations represent our time-tested maneuver warfare philosophy in the information environment.

MCFC 6-1 Cyberspace Operations
The Marine Corps Concept for Cyberspace Operations addresses the cyberspace capabilities the Marine Corps will need to support missions as part of a joint force and meet requirements of the Combatant Commanders.

Marine Corps Functional Concept for Marine Air Ground Task Force Fires
The Marine Corps Functional Concept for Marine Air Ground Task Force (MAGTF) Fires expands on the ideas presented in the MOC and the Navy-Marine Corps concept for Littoral Operations in a Contested Environment.


MCOC Overview
The Marine Corps has long provided the Nation with a force adept at rapidly and effectively solving complex, multifaceted, and seemingly intractable security challenges ...


MCOC 1-1 Mission Command
Mission Command builds on the foundational wisdom of MCPD-1 Warfighting and MCDP-6 Command and Control to provide insight and guidance ...
MCOC 1-2 Enhanced MAGTF Operations
Evolving the MAGTF for the 21st Century provided a framework for refining our primary operational approach for conducting the range of military operations: the Marine air-ground task force (MAGTF)....

MCOC 1-3 Engagement
The forward presence of naval forces serves to contain and deter regional adversaries while increasing the engagement opportunities with allies and partners ...


MCOC 1-4 Crisis Response
A crisis is defined as “An incident or situation involving a threat to the United States, its territories, citizens, military forces, and possessions or vital interests ...
MCOC 1-5 Power Projection
In this “joint expeditionary era,” U.S. forces are increasingly challenged by diplomatic, geographic and military impediments to access ...

MCOC 1-6 Countering Irregular Threats
First and foremost, this is a concept about war. Conventional warfare and irregular warfare are subsets of war that exist simultaneously, to one extent or another, on every battlefield ...


MCFC 8-1 Strategic Communications
The purpose of this functional concept is to inspire thought and stimulate experimentation, wargaming and debate about the nature of strategic communication ...
Operational Maneuver From The Sea
In the white papers, " . . . From the Sea" and "Forward . . . From the Sea," the Secretary of the Navy, with the Chief of Naval Operations and Commandant of the Marine Corps, began ...

Ship-To-Objective Maneuver
Publication of the capstone Marine Corps Concept Paper Operational Maneuver from the Sea began the process of proposal, debate, and experimentation through ...


Advanced Expeditionary Fire Support
The purpose of this paper is to describe a concept for an advanced expeditionary fire support system that will provide flexible and responsive support for maritime maneuver warfare ...
Maritime Prepositioning Force 2010 and Beyond
The capstone Marine Corps Concept Paper Operational Maneuver from the Sea describes a marriage of maneuver warfare and naval warfare. It began the process of ...

Seabasing Logistics Enabling Concept.pdf
This Seabasing Logistics Enabling Concept fully supports the visions outlined in “Sea Power 21”, the Naval Operating Concept, and the Seabasing Joint Integrating Concept ...  


MAGTF in Sustained Operations Ashore
Operational Maneuver from the Sea and Ship to Objective Maneuver describe Marine Corps participation in future military operations ranging from ...
A Concept for Future Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain
The tide of expanding urbanization in the developing world has increased the likelihood that Marines will again be called upon to operate in urban areas ...

 Anti-Armor Operations
Marine Corps Warfighting Publication (MCWP) 3-15.5, Antiarmor Operations, addresses tactics, techniques, and procedures ...


 Concept For Future Naval Mine Countermeasures.pdf
Forward…from the Sea, and Operational Maneuver from the Sea chart the direction for Naval Forces of the 21st Century through a vision for future sea-based littoral power projection ...





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